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The fashion industry is one of the worlds biggest polluters, our aim is to make garments that reduce that impact. All of our fabrics are made from sustainable or dead-stock fabrics.

Dead-stock is items that have already been made but are no longer needed. Dead-stock fabrics are left over and either put in landfill or re-used. We aim to stop the amount going into landfill.

Our sustainable fabric is either organic cotton or bamboo jersey, all sourced from UK suppliers. 


Size isn't just a number.

We want you to focus on how the clothes fit your body, not what number is in the label (hehe our clothes don't have size labels anyway). Below we've provided a size chart. This is a provisional guide as to the measurements of the clothes, not your body. 

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All samples have been made in a size 6 so that if they weren't purchased, I could still wear them and they wouldn't go to landfill. I had hoped that I would be able to have the collection modelled on people of all sizes but with the current climate, (thanks Covid) this wasn't possible. 

Being 5"1 I know the difficulty of finding clothes to fit my height. Thats why we are offering a personalisation service for those who don't fit the 'standard' size. Whether you've got legs as long as sky scrapers or you need a stool to reach the top shelf, we will make clothes to fit your perfect shape.


Quick alterations like skirt or sleeve length will be free of charge. More time consuming alterations will have a small fee.


If you have any questions about sizing please feel free to send a message using the contact page or on any of our social media pages, and we will be happy to talk through it all with you.   

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One of the main aims when setting up Hannah Morgan was to ensure that none of the packaging ends up in landfill.

Our solution to this is plantable paper! This card is filled with flower seeds that you can plant in your back garden (or in a plant pot). Each item comes in a box made from plantable paper which is then sealed in a waterproof  mailer bag.

To dispose of the box simply rip up the paper and bury under a few cm of soil, and with a little rain and sunshine your packaging will turn to beautiful flowers! 

To make is easier to dispose of the mailer bag we have made them biodegradable. All you need to do is shred the bag and put it in your compost bin or take it to your nearest recycling centre. The bag should decompose at the same rate as food waste.